This site was created by Syd.

Syd is a poet, a frog enthusiast and a butch lesbian. When her friends (also butches) started making sites, she decided it was a good time to learn some HTML/CSS, and take some baby steps to start working towards her nerdy interactive fiction dreams. Nice.

The Objects are real things that exist out in the world, and usually also in Syd's camera roll. She often sends them to her brother, who always takes up the offer of a quest and usually makes unfortunate in-game choices leading to his untimely demise.

For now, the Objects will just be tales that have their own pages. Eventually, there will be some yes/no options for readers to follow. Sometime in the future, there may be other choices too. But these are lofty abmitions for someone who just learned what a margin is.

You can follow Syd on Instagram here: syd.wlmt

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